Speed Stop Spring Ejector

The Speed Stop Spring Ejector Rods are designed and engineered to be used in a production environment. 


The Speed Stop Spring Ejector Rod can be used with the 5C Speed Stop Collet Stop, the #11 Speed Stop Collet Stop, and the #22 Collet Stop.


They are ideal for many everyday uses, such as aiding in removing small thin parts parts from the collet, removing parts that have been run in water soluble oil, and are slippery and hard to grasp, and also for production runs where the part can be ejected from the collet instead of removing the parts by hand. 


The ejector rods have been expertly engineered so that they may be quickly removed from the collet, cleaned, and reinstalled into the collet without losing location.


All you have to do to use these ejector rods is simply remove the solid 3/8 adjusting rod that comes with the Speed Stop Collet Stop, and insert the Spring Ejector Rod in its place. You then select the size of tip you wish to use, and screw it into the end of the ejector rod.


After you have screwed the tip into the ejector rod, you simply pre-set the length and tighten the set screw to hold the ejector rod in place.  You then pre-set the tension with the two adjusting nuts. That’s it!  


Speed Stop Spring Ejectors are available for only $34.95.

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