The Speed Stop Advantage

Unlike other Collet Stops:

 Speed Stop Collet Stops patented acetal sleeve expands tightly inside the collet, developing a positive grip which eliminates pushback.

 Speed Stop Collet Stops fit all standard threaded and unthreaded 5C collets, Brown and Sharpe Collets, #22, as well as the unthreaded 3J and 16C Collets.

 Speed Stop Collet Stops can be installed and ready to use in a fraction of the time other collet stops require.

 Speed Stop Collet Stops are fast and easy to remove, clean and reinstall without losing location during production runs.

 Speed Stop Collet Stops are manufactured from aluminum, making them lightweight and non-corrosive (Water soluble oil will not effect them)

 Speed Stop Collet Stops, because they are a precision lightweight collet stop, will not cause vibration at high RPM’s.

 Speed Stop Collet Stops do not require threaded material to make adjustments, any 3/8 material will work. 

Speed Stop Collet Stops are machined and assembled with pride in Portland, Oregon.

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U.S Patent number 4,955,622